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Visiting Queen Valley Mule Ranch

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Visiting Queen Valley Mule Ranch , AZ

Steve Edwards has been working with mules for decades!

He’s been there and done it with mules and donkeys.

Jon, myself and James learned a whole lot of things from Steve on safely handling a mule or donkey. Many training tips and behavior modifications.

Mentors are an amazing thing to have. I’ve learned much from my elders. One of the biggest things I learned is,  why try and figure it out the hard way? Ask someone who has already done it, save yourself a few bruises!

Steve Edwards, we truly enjoyed spending the weekend with you and it was a pleasure meeting Dave as well!

Steve and Dave offer an online talk show every weekend where you can log in and ask questions and get an answers.

Kim Aurich with Dreamer
Jon Aurich with Dreamer and Abner watching on