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Mammy & Buffy Are Saved! - Mammy's Story

Mammy Mammoth is a 8-10 year old jenny with a common dark grey hair. 

Mammy came out of Texas with Buffy Buffalo. It’s unclear if they are biologically related, parent child. Buffy we believe is a mammoth standard donkey cross. With the height of a standard donkey she has the thicker boned features and heavier coat of a mammoth. They were both passed off as rideable/drivable tame mammoths. Nothing could have been further from the truth. They were brokered by a horse flipper for a kill buyer on their way to the sale to be sold for slaughter.

They were shipped across state lines and dropped to us frightened and severely ill with Strangles, a highly contagious equine sickness that is common when animals are kept in damp, crowded, unclean and stressful environments. Because broker attempted to self medicate them for transport it caused the strangles to progress to what is called Bastard Strangles and if not properly treated can be deadly or go dormant so the animal shows no signs but it still sheds the virus for others to catch. Many dollars later in vet bills we finally got them testing clear. They had also more than likely never seen a ferrier. Even with sedatives they wanted to kill the ferrier. Like most burros, they did eventually settle in and we have since been able to address their ferrier needs unmedicated.

Mammy’s feet were extremely overgrown and she traveled with a limp. We weren’t sure if it was because of the length of her hooves or other lameness issues. When severely overgrown you have to take them back to a normal length gradually. It took the second trim for the ferrier to find the root of her lameness. She had a rock enter thru her white line and with the damp conditions it made her hooves soft and allowed the rock to travel up and embed deep in causing an abscess. But, unfortunately she was still lame. On her next trimming another deeper huge abscess was found in the soul of the same foot!

Still very sore after the trim, it was hard to see her hobble around and we heavily weighed the fact that she may have to be humanely euthanized. We decided to give her a little longer since she was still eating and drinking. Then one day we noticed she was no longer limping!!

Mammy enjoys the company of the other burros and horses but is still not as accepting of human interaction. On good days she will join Buffy for scratches thru the fence, but one on one becomes stressful for her.

Mammy would love a virtual adopter of her own to help with her ongoing ferrier and other expenses.