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Donkey, farm animal in the Moroccan countryside of Sidi Ifni.

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Donkey Definitions

Colt: A colt is a young male donkey which is less than four years of age.

Filly: A filly is a young female donkey which is less than four years of age.

Foal: A foal is a baby male or female donkey up to one year old.

Gelding: A castrated male donkey.

Mare: A female donkey.

Rig: A rig is an entire male donkey with no signs of external testicles.

Stallion: A stallion is a male donkey that has not been gelded (castrated).

Yearling: A yearling is a young male or female donkey between one and two years of age.

Donkey Terms

Asino: An asino is the Italian word for “donkey”.

Ass: An ass is either a male or female donkey.

Burro: A burro is the Spanish word for “donkey”.

Hinny: A hinny is the result of breeding between a female donkey and a male horse.

Jack: A jack is a term for a male donkey.

Jenny: A jenny (or jennet) is a term for a female donkey.

Moke: A moke is a British term for a donkey.

Molly: A molly is a term for a female mule.

Mule: A mule is the result of breeding between a male donkey and a female horse.

Donkey, farm animal in the Moroccan countryside of Sidi Ifni.

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Donkeys can live for over 50 years.

A donkey is stronger than a horse of the same size.

Donkeys can recognize areas and other donkeys that they haven’t seen in over 25 years.

Donkeys have a reputation for stubbornness but this is due to their highly developed sense of self preservation. 

Donkeys come from the desert areas of the earth.

Yes, in the desert a donkey is able to hear the call of another donkey up to 60 miles away, Their large ears also keep them cool.

Because food is scarce in the desert, donkeys utilize 95% of the desert vegetation they find to eat. Their digestive system can break down inedible vegetation and extract moisture from food more efficiently.

Donkeys don’t like being in the rain for long periods of time. Their hair coat is not waterproof and too much moisture can effect their health.

The herd will choose the strongest donkey to be their leader, even if domesticated. In the wild the lead donkey will ward off attacks by predators to allow the rest of the heard to escape.

Donkeys are used as guard animals for cattle, sheep and goats since they have a natural aversion to canines and will keep them away from a flock.

A heard of donkeys🐴 will groom each other in the same way as monkeys🐒 and chimps do.