Our passion drives us

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Our passion drives us

it started with 3 minis

In 2005, Kim Aurich’s wanted to add a mini donkey to her neighborhood mini petting zoo located at her house in Las Vegas, NV.

Kim had always had a love for animals since she was a little girl and wanted to share that love with her community. Her mini petting zoo consisted of a mini cow, 2 mini goats, 2 mini pigs and 2 mini horses. She wanted to add a mini donkey to the petting zoo and she found an ad on craigslist with mini donkeys for sale.

When she arrived at the location she was horrified to see over 50 mini donkeys shoulder to shoulder in a 20×40 horse corral with barely room to move. Animal control was alerted and the donkey hoarders were required to rehome them.

One little mini donkey that was much smaller than the rest really stood out to Kim. Because it was smaller she was really drawn to her but upon closer inspection she noticed her hooves that had gone untrimmed for years. The hooves were over 10 inches long and it looked like she was wearing “Elf Boots.” Kim felt so sorry for this cute little jenny (a female donkey) but was afraid that she might be crippled and knew that the potential vet bills would be extreme.

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