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Cocoa has a new Baby!

Say hello to Cocoa and her new baby.

Cocoa was rescued from a kill pen in Bowie TX. She was pregnant at the time of rescue. When Cocoa arrived at DARS she was very wary of people. Her best friend is Hairy Mary who also arrived pregnant.

After her first farrier visit, we learned that Cocoa had the worst case of laminitis the farrier has ever seen! Her hooves were overgrown and her sidewalls were curled under and touching. She also has a heavy, cresty neck from the founder caused by laminitis.

Cocoa has become a very loving, trusting, sweet burro and a great mama. She enjoys her breaks when Jon takes her little nugget out to play and socialize while he tends to the horses.
Jon is LOVING watching her grow. He was excited when she got her first baby teeth last week Jon tries to take videos each day when he goes and interacts with her and sends them to Kim for her “Dailey Dose Of Burros Videos” as she tends to the medical needs of the donkeys, mules, and horses in Las Vegas.

Every time, we look into her sweet soft eyes, it’s so hard to imagine that this amazing baby would have never gotten to take her first breath or run, jump or kick her heels if we had not bailed and rescued her Mother! She would have literally been a lost soul forever! But that was NOT her fate! Mom was rescued from the shipping pen just days before being loaded on the truck and shipped to Mexico for slaughter.

In Mexico, Cocoa would have been shot or clubbed to death, skinned, for her hide, and sent to China. Her remains, including her growing fetus, would have been tossed in the trash or fed to other animals. i have a strong commitment and desire to save these mamas and instead of saving one life, we’re able to save two!