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JANUARY 1, 2002









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Sunny's Story

He was listed as Ollie, a name given him by the individuals that post them in an attempt to get them a last chance home. 

He looked so sad and beat down. Something about him said “please help!” From my private funds i paid his $1200 bail from the kill pen in Stroud, OK., $700 in transport to get him from Texas to Nevada.

He was part of a $3000 vet bill for the animals coming from Texas. He was severely infested with red worm and lung worm, he was in desperate need of dental care. He was missing 2 upper molars. Because the teeth grow as they age, his two lower teeth grew 2 inchs upwards, locking his upper and lower jaw preventing him from chewing. They had also grown so long that they were cutting into his upper gums as well! The vet had to cut and remove 2 inches from both teeth and then float his teeth to try and make his teeth as close to level as he could and to remove the sharp edges creating ulcers in the inside of his mouth. 

He has neurological issues in his lower lip from nerve damage from a possible head injury or a excessively abusive rider with too tight a bit and curb chain. The vet said in all his years as a vet, This was the worst mouth he’d ever seen. He will need on-going dental care every 6-12 months for the rest of his life. The vet aged him to be in his mid, maybe late 20s.

Neglected and dumped after a life time of giving to his previous humans, not what he deserved!

He Is a little aloof in temperament. He will accept attention but will not seek it. He Is VERY well behaved for bathing, brushing, even clippers don’t bother him! He’s good for the ferrier. His feet were a hot mess, he Is now shoed and will need on going ferrier care every 8 weeks for the remainder of his life.

His front and hind legs and around his hooves are covered in old scars, presumably from barb wire injuries. But oddly enough he is still sound!

He was suffering from an impaction due to being offered hay and trying to swallow it whole. He has to be on a cubed or pelleted feed for the remainder of his life as it is already broken down for him before it reaches his stomach.

Because of the nerve injury his lower lip, the lip hangs some and he regularly cleans it on the corrals and in his water bucket, requiring frequent water changes. He also came infested with equine lice. And finally struggled to survive strangles he picked up while at the kill lot.

Total time in the animal hospital was over 2 weeks!

Once in Vegas we began feeding him and feeding him. He was given 3 different types of pellet and cubes, so he could have a choice and then we could go with the one he preferred most. We gradually increased his feed until he was able to be free fed, meaning food was available when ever he wants it. Something he VERY MUCH deserved!

His feed bills are double that of an average horse his size, due to the type and amount of feed he requires. He ate EVERYTHING we put in front of him!! He is not picky one bit! Now he nickers and greets us at the gate at feeding time. Still doesn’t want petted in the face, probably because of previous treatment and injuries, but definitely happy to see us!
We still have not saddled or mounted him, we want him fully recovered prior. It was said he was “the kids horse and the kids no longer had interest in him”.

Today he is thriving!! He has put 90% of his body weight back on! All his dead fuzzy hair shed out and replaced with a sea lion sleek coat or copper red and white! He sports a beautiful flaxen mane and tail. He was likely at one time a registered overo paint, now grade quarter type pinto. He stands at about 16 hands. He has been given a new better fitting name, Sunny!

Why, because he now glows and shines like a copper penny in the sun, he has a bright sunny future ahead of him, for how ever long that may be. And with all that life had thrown at him, he still rose every morning with a light and desire to live! Shine now and forever beautiful boy!

Sunny is not available for rehome adoption, he will spend the remainder of his life in the Sanctity of Drag’n Ass Rescue & Sanctuary.

But, you can virtually adopt Sunny to help support his upkeep.


fun Horse Facts

Horses can't breath through their mouth

Horses are “obligate nose breathers” meaning that they can only breathe through their nose, not through their mouth as humans can.

Horses can sleep standing up

Horses have what’s called a “stay-apparatus” which is a system of tendons and ligaments that allows the horse to lock their legs in position so they can relax without falling over. When not sleeping, horses also use this apparatus to rest while standing for long periods of time so they don’t fatigue. This allows them to conserve energy while standing so they are ready to take flight if needed. But it is a myth that horses never lay down – they do spend a short amount of time each day laying down for deeper sleep.

Horses are very social animals

Since horses are prey species, they find safety in a herd and form strong social relationships with each other. They use their senses to recognize familiar horses and spend time with those they have formed friendships with. In the wild, one horse will stand guard to keep watch while the other horses in the herd take time to eat, rest and sleep.